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Randolph, NJ is a township located in southwestern Morris County with a population of just over 26,000. The location sits atop New Jersey’s Highlands region and subsequently contains many woods, streams, valleys, and hills.

Just 40 miles west of New York City, many citygoers flocked to the township in the early 20th century due to its clean air, refreshing scenery, and healthy water. During that time, the area saw a huge spike in development. Hotel resorts, summer camps, and swim clubs were constructed following large visitorships. Today, Randolph is known for its 24 historic landmarks and a landscape that possesses both rural and suburban charm.

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Alexander’s Landscaping & Tree Service is committed to delivering cost-effective and secure tree care solutions to Randolph, NJ homeowners.

As local experts, we’re dedicated to sharing our extensive expertise in landscaping and landscape maintenance.

Proudly offering a comprehensive range of services, we ensure your outdoor spaces are transformed and well-maintained, from safe tree removal to captivating landscape design.

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Tree & Stump Removals in Randolph, New Jersey

At Alexander’s Landscaping & Tree Service, we excel in delivering expert tree and shrub stump services, maintaining the safety and aesthetics of your Randolph, NJ property.

Our skilled team is proficient in managing a range of tasks from regular upkeep to urgent removals, ensuring your peace of mind and a flawless landscape.

Whether dealing with trees or stumps, we provide efficient, secure, and cost-effective removal solutions customized to meet your specific needs.

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Revitalize the beauty and well-being of your trees with our professional tree pruning services in Randolph, NJ! Specializing in excellent tree pruning, we are dedicated to ensuring the optimal health and aesthetics of your landscape.

Our expert team prunes each tree to stimulate healthy development, refine structure, and bolster safety.

Whether you require seasonal maintenance or corrective pruning, we are at your service. Rest assured, Alexander’s Landscaping & Tree Service is committed to preserving the pristine condition of your trees!

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If you seek dependable tree and landscaping service in Randolph, NJ, Alexander’s Landscaping & Tree Service is the most reliable team for you. Count on us for superior tree care and landscaping solutions. Our skilled team is committed to delivering outstanding outcomes, whether it’s tree removal, pruning, or comprehensive landscape design and upkeep. Utilizing cutting-edge methods and tools, we guarantee the safety, beauty, and health of your outdoor area throughout every season.

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